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Batik Textiles is dedicated to designing and producing unique bright, vivid and sharp batik fabrics using only the highest grades of cotton. 

Batik Textiles brings the ancient art of handmade batik to North America.   This process utilizes wax to selectively dye the fabric of the cloth different colors.  When the wax is applied in dots, lines, or other patterns to the cloth, it resists the colour chosen for a dye. With this technique, Batik Textiles is able to create a wide variety of vibrant colours and unusual designs.

The handmade fabric pieces available for sale are inspired by scenes, colours, and images from around the world.  Retailers everywhere have recognized how handmade batik fabrics can bring any quilting project to life.




Color Envy

Bali Fusion

Venus, Cattails & Moon Bayou

Remnants of Summer

Jewels of the Island

Memos of Athena

Bali Sun Prints

Down Under


Water's Edge

Celesstial Blossoms