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Centenary Collection 23rd - NEW by Yoko Saito
For a Limited Time ONLY  you can get a 1/2 bolt complete collection (includes Collection of Prints, Yard Dyes &  Basics) - That's only 5.5m/bolt! 
Order NOW - for a limited time only!

Centenary Collection 23rd

by Yoko Saito

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Centenary 23rd Yarn Dyed

by Yoko Saito

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Centenary 23rd Basic

by Yoko Saito

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We are very excited to share this beautiful FREE Exclusive pattern that uses the latest Centenary Collection by Yoko Saito.

Each year the Centenary Collection releases both prints and yarn dyed fabrics, and this year marks the 23rd anniversary - once again in all beautiful Ms. Saito's ingenious taupe colors!

This FREE pattern "Centenary Stars Quilt" (size:62" x 82") is designed by Lynne Goldsworthy and is a precut friendly using 3 different color assortments of Origami Squares (10" squares) with our solid Snow White in background. Thank you so much Lynne for creating a gorgeous pattern!


Memoire A Paris

Flower Fields

Kyururu 2017

Marks & Colours

Mrs March's Collection in Antique

Lecre 2017 Fall

Moji Palette

M-Standard Fall 2017

L's Modern Fiesta Time!


by Yoko Saito

Retro 30's Child Smile

Mrs. March's Collection in Antique

Centenary Collection 22nd

by Yoko Saito

Rose Life Garden

by Kayo Enza

Old New Fabric Collection 30's

Kanon Collection

Honey Tune

Girl's Story

Princess Rose

La Conner

Retro 30's 2017

Flower Bouquet 2017


Minny Muu Double Guaze

M-Standard 2017 Spring

Cyururu Chocolat W-Guaze

New Yarn Dyed Fabric

Rose Life Garden

by Kayo Enza

American Country

Natural Romance

Milka Colleciton

Girl's Story Cotton/ Linen Canvas

Memoire A Paris Nylon-Taffeta

Flower Sugar

Cyururu Chocolat

Old New 30's

Antique Rose

Cotton Style

Memoire A Paris - Basic